Metatron Event 2003
144 Masters to bring fourth
the Seventh Key of Enlightenment

People came from all over to call the Seventh Key

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The Eden Event started in March of 2003 at that time we called it the Metatron event. We later began to refer to it as the Eden Event because we are about the return of Eden to our Planet. The first place the Event was held was in Elgin Illinois on a small yet active farm witch happened to be Sacred Ground to the Native Americans in the area.

The masters anointed themselves with Sacred Oils and worked through what is called the 50 Gates. This process was to bring them to a place to where they can stand in Oneness to begin to bind with the Angelic Realm.

The masters that came to this first Event were changed for ever more. We went through processes to help us stand together as one. Some took to the teachings well others had a rough time with them. In all the masters pulled together and did receive the Key as they had worked for. The work had only just begun.

During the time the masters spent in the field some rather interesting things happened. These things were captured on film by one of the attendees named JT. He has since taken photos at all of the Events.

144 Masters from all over the country came to bing in the 7th Key of enlightenment for humanity. We had no idea what we were about to and had accomplish. In the first photo you can see the masters in the formation, it looks like something is starting to form in the center of the group. A light begins to beam upwards from the Alter Bowl and we can see the lights of the angels begin to form.


As the masters began to reach Oneness you can see Michael forming in the middle of the group, his sword of light beaming upward. The masters are starting to disappear.

In this final picture it appears as if the masters have compleatly gone and moved into Oneness. The forms that appear in the middle of the formation is not only amazing but it will later be felt by the rest of the world. The masters had acomplished what they had set out to do, they recieved the 7th Key. As the masters sang " I AM you Are We Are One" they could hear the Angels sing back to them "You are the Key We are the Key." The masters work had payed off for that year, they recieved their Key, but would we learn to use them.......


2003-12 Angelic Gate.
Till 144,000 Stand As One