YES, I have seen an Angel.

YES, It could have been my imagination.

But it wasn’t.

YES, in the past ten years my life has changed, a lot.

Many people feel like you do. Is this guy another flake or did he really have a pervious life as a hippie? Many people have felt more than suspicion if I was telling true words or not, they felt as if their experiences weren’t dreams. What they have found is that much of my story fits their lives as well.

What is really strange is that there are more people who have seen an angel, or had an angel touch their lives, than those who have not. My life falls into the ‘have seen’ category. I know several angels like you know the top of your keyboard, or the face of your best friend. I invite you to read more about my story.

I know you are here for a reason, just like me. Over the last ten years I have questioned my life, searching for a day when I would have the answer to everything, solve the world’s problems, and happily live a long time. Though this is great prosperous thinking, it wasn’t really what was going on.

I have spent years with ups as high as speaking to groups of hundreds and radio shows for thousands. I have also had lows ranging from divorce to death. Through these years, Michael, Gabriel, and others have blessed me with philosophical insight, oil and herb recipes for all body support, visions of what is to come, answers to a couple of the world’s ills, and many seeds that are still germinating.

I remember the first time I ever heard an Angel. I was stationed on the aircraft carrier U.S.S. Forrestal during the Vietnam War. On July 29, 1967, I was in a compartment with several other men that had worked all night, trying to catch some sleep before the next shift. An airplane on deck misfired a missile and it struck a fuel tank on a plane and exploded into the deck. After the initial explosion and the rocking of our world, the ship’s cabins and corridors were filled with thick smoke everywhere. I heard a voice that said, “Come this way if you want to live!” That day, I followed that voice along with the crewmen in my quarters following me out. I never met who was behind that voice until thirty years later.

The time came for me to meet this angel and it came in the most unexpected way. In early December, I was watching television when the story of Jesus’ birth came on and I watched it for the umpteenth time. I got to thinking to myself it might be a good time to read the Bible, now that I was older. I bought the best and most complete Bible I could find and started reading from the beginning. Chapter and verse as I went through it I found myself agreeing with some of it and thinking the rest was a bunch of hooey. Each night I would read from it at bedtime and over the weeks it made as much sense as I remembered as a kid. However, I was really trying to understand what this book’s message really was. By the middle of January I found out.

I had just finished reading from the book of Ruth and closed the Bible, set it on the nightstand and turned out the light. I kissed my wife good night and petted my four English Mastiffs before pulling the covers of the bed over my shoulders. I was just about asleep when I heard my name called. I was startled at first but reassured myself I was just hearing things. I laid back down thinking it was rather silly to think someone was calling me. I closed my eyes and as I did, I heard my name called again. I sat up in bed and looked around the room. I couldn’t see anything out of the ordinary. Then I thought maybe I should try something I was told to do if I ever heard my name called.

I remembered what Samuel had spoken - the words, “Speak oh Lord for your servant hears”. I really didn’t know what I expected to happen. I guess I watched to many movies like the Ten Commandments and maybe I was looking for some kind of burning bush with a booming voice. Still nothing was happening and I started thinking how happy I was that my wife was asleep and the four dogs didn’t talk because I was so embarrassed for myself. I told myself to go to sleep and forget about it.

Just before my head hit the pillow, I saw in the doorway what looked like a very small piece of glitter shining very brightly. I wondered what in the world that could be. Just as the thought came to my mind it grew into a light that filled the room. All I could think about was “Boy, oh boy, I did it now”. I then looked into the center of the light to see what looked like someone way off in the light. So far off that it looked like whatever it was, was only a few inches tall. The next thing I knew the presence was in the room with me.

I never felt so safe or loved or at peace in my life. I just sat in bed with my mouth open looking at the most beautiful woman in my life. “Put down your books for they hold no truths for you. As the sands of the desert have been moved to suit the winds of time so has the light been darkened by mans ink on the pages.” It struck me odd that when she spoke it had a man’s voice. That is when I got to looking for more details of this being and came to see it was indeed a male. That was the start of an incredible journey that has lasted for years and lead to more visits from him and other angels.

Am I special? Well, if you consider seeing Angels show up to you like the last person you saw, special. Well then, yes. But if you got to know me, you’d find, as others have found, that I am not a psychic, clairvoyant, or any other medium. I am a very physically grounded man with 83 problems in my life, just like you. (I give extra credit if you have teenagers in your house, too.)

My life is continually changing and growing from the insights that my relationship with my family, friends, business partners, and of course, the Angels. I invite you to reach further into this website and read the Angel Visits, check the information on the Churches page, because it will show you a different way of looking at any relationship you have or had in the past, probably bringing a clarity you never had.

Health and wellness can be found through the Healing Tools page. These items have proven to increase the quality of life in my home as well as many, many others.

Do I expect you to believe me? No. I expect you to believe yourself, to find within your heart what is true for you. Have you found you want to know more?

Bless Your Heart,

Joe Crane

Painting of Archangel Michael by Joseph Crane

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