Thyatira (Purple)

"To the church of Thyatira, God said to teach love as Jesus did, and they heard not."

Thyatira is the sixth church. This church is male in nature. The gift of this church is that of a father holding his children in love. The male and female give teachings that are soft and gentle of words. They open their ears and hearts to what the children say. There is no judgment in what they hear, only the love for those in turmoil and how can they be helped. As a father labors with his body to feed his children so does this church. This church is the master of the song, dance and creates with his hands things of beauty of which lessons are learned. The trap that this church may fall into is that of the material things. When they go searching for material and physical needs they may lose union with the gift they are to give. The wanting of riches leaves them poor in spirit and in gold. The song they sing is sour, the dance is that of the lame and the creation of their hands is twisted and unkind to the eye. The escape from this trap is to give their gift back to themselves. God will supply all that is needed for the fatherly care of his children.

Thyatira is the church of creation and those of this church are priests and spiritual teachers in the art of creation. They are ministers of divine love and they express that love through art, science and music. Contemplation and sincerity bring forth justice in the work they do. Purple is the color of this church and the day for this church is Friday.

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