Practical Churches and Characteristics

This list compares the different churches, or personality archetypes, with characteristics of each.


Smyrna - Red

Of all the ancient cities Smyrna is the only city still standing. Today it is a Turkish city known as Izmir, a thriving port on the Aegean Sea. The ancient city surrounded the Pegus mountain and was known as the crown of Smyrna.

Reds when in their giftedness tend to be:
In charge
Leaders - running the business and are very good at it
Showing the way - take someone to a better place
Preparing the way - take a group in action and are responsible for the result
- for reds it is about the group/others not about themselves
Responsible/accountable - do not blame
- protect the people they lead
- take the heat, pay the price
Silently score results, but the glory is when everyone wins
Physical in nature - they judge by the physical - did it show up, did it happen if so then it worked
- if not then what happened
Don't "Do" they have it done
Red when in their traps tend to be:
Stubborn, immovable
Power hungry
Take no responsibility for the action/non action
Order others around - Rule using fear
Use others as tools
In their trap, it is ALL about them, "Look at what I have done" - glory is for themselves
But can also be victims - no accountability, they lay blame everywhere but themselves
Can also be very whinny
Their Day of the Week is Sunday

Ephesus - Orange

The name of the ancient city Ephesus means "desirable". It was the best port/harbor in the world, one of the main commercial centers known as the light of Asia. The inhabitants promoted the gods and goddesses - and built the Temple of Diana. Today archeologists are rediscovering the beauty of Ephesus, the Romans built a city in and around Ephesus and in this instance did not destroy the original city. When you walk the city streets you can see the original Greek architecture of the city's library - a truly beautiful building with a Roman Brothel and Roman Bath across the street. The brick paved streets built by the Greeks show the ruts of Roman Chariots and the metal rings used to access the Roman aqueduct running under the city.

Oranges when in their giftedness tend to be:
People People - enjoying dining, talking, smiling Rah Rah People - let's have a good time
Promoters - go out and get everyone excited about what it is you are doing
Extremely fun people to be around
The Joy of giving is for the happiness of others
Support others
Defend those they love
Healthy living and lifestyle
Emotional, generous and giving
Embrace duality and can see both sides of everything
Bubbly, exciting, lots of fun - Stand Out!
Will raise your standard to greatness
Life is a party, and they are not always in touch with reality
They are gamblers - do well in Real Estate
NO doesn't exist for a promoting Orange

Oranges when in their traps tend to be:
All about 'me' - how I feel about it
Constantly looking for excitement and something to feed the emotions
Get caught up in it, they become confused
They become judgmental, they have done everything they can for you and you are still not a success so it is your fault - if they fail to promote you or the idea it is about emotions/feelings not mental - so it is never about themselves always someone else.
They Blame
They don't like the feelings so it is your fault
They will want to give you their advice - it is not good advice because it is based on feelings of the moment
Oranges can destroy a relationship the easiest - "Let me tell you how I Feel"
Their Day of the week is Monday

Pergamum - Yellow

In ancient times Pergamum was situated in the lofty hills, the name means height. It has always referred to higher learning, higher mind and higher thinking. Homer and Herodatus studied there. The city was situated so that there was only one way in, thereby safeguarding the residents. The same is true of the people of this church, there is only one way in to them - through their head.

In their giftedness Yellows tend to be:
Thinkers - they come up with the ideas
Great Research and Development people
Take in data and process it
Mental in nature and very good at it
Philosophers - higher mind, natural knowing
Intellectual - develop conscious thought
Seekers of Truth
Holders of great knowledge
Can analyze anything and come up with a better way
They are forgiving - because they can reason it out and understand why you did what you did
Seem not to be emotional
Don't let emotions get in the way of their thinking
Their day of the week is Tuesday

Yellows when in their traps tend to be:
It is all about the mental process
Think that others are stupid, unable to grasp the simplest concepts
They have forgotten the gift they have and are
They will close themselves off from others
They will be cold and unforgiving
They will absolutely not deal with their feelings
They will stay in their heads to avoid feelings and avoid being hurt.
They will lose contact with the real world staying in their heads and their idealism

Sardis - Green

Sardis was the capital city of the ancient province of Ladia. There was only one entrance to the city via a very steep ingress. This was thought to be a very safe protection for their city. The people of this city were the inventors of coined money. Sardis was a successful city of Commerce and Economics.
Eventually the city was destroyed and all was lost.

Greens when in their giftedness tend to be:
Healers - physical and spiritual
They are the most balanced of the churches, things are or they are not
Very loyal and compassionate
Dependable, punctual and creative
Willingness to give of themselves to others
They teach awareness and divine wisdom
They bring Enlightenment and insight
Their knowledge is mystical and can heal both the physical and the mystical
They are at peace in the spiritual sense and are in touch with their 5 senses Through this they bring the healing of all - powerful church
They know what is best and how to do it
They are kind and generous and have a deep feeling for others
They want everything to run smoothly and do their best to see that it does
They offer themselves to the greater good of everyone

When in their traps they tend to be:
Not fun to be around - they want it all their way and they will put others down to get it
They make other people objects and could care less what they say or do to them
People around them are only tools to use to get the results they want.
They can become cold and calculating with the ends justifying the means
It is the process that matters not he person, like the surgeon who operates just to operate, to thrill at the process and how skilled they have become - it matters not if the patient dies
Some will even do harm so that they can fix it
The sad part is that they know when they're in their traps but won't do anything about it
They tend to pry and get on your nerves
Their day of the week is Wednesday

Philadelphia - Blue

The name of the city Philadelphia means brotherly love. The city was considered a little 'Athens'. It was built to guard an important pass. Philadelphia was known as the keeper of the keys to the east and east was synonymous with wisdom. Spiritual teachings were known to come from the East.

Blues in their giftedness tend to be:
Keepers of the gates of wisdom
They let in the light of knowledge
They have this loftiness
They bring you knowledge
Impersonal love - one of giving
They are one with Christ Consciousness
They are perfectly balanced in male/female. The most balanced in body, emotions, mind and spirit
They bring out the best in people
They care that you become the best 'you' that you can be - relentless about it

In their traps, Blues tend to be:
Teach you that "you will never arrive, you'll never get enough information to know as much as they do"
In their trap they are "Drama Queens"
They are become unbalanced
They become unapproachable, haughty
They may show up as pompous, arrogant and self-centered
You are stupid - They 'know it all'
However they will apologize and eat humble pie
They talk too much, they are constantly talking
Their day of the week is Thursday

Thyatira - Purple

This ancient city was noted for its artisans. The first trade guilds started in Thyatira, one of which was the art of dying material worn by Royalty - Royal purple was developed here. The city was destroyed and rebuilt. They knew the sweet savor of labor.

Purples in their giftedness tend to be:
Creative people
In advertising
Artists, sculptors, musicians, writers, actors, poets, dancers
Priests or spiritual teachers in the art of creation
Ministers of divine love expressed through that which they create - love, science, music art
Contemplation and sincerity bring forth justice in the work they do
Their creativity is a gift to the world.
When they get it - it is the gifts they share with the world that matters

Purples in their traps tend to be:
All for personal glory, personal riches, money and fame
Become obsessed with materialism, can be about the project instead of themselves, but they must have the best of everything they won't "make do"
They become full of themselves and their self importance
They really think they have arrived, whatever they do is for themselves
Doing third rate work, using second rate mediums with ideas borrowed from others
Lose the ability to create and yet still demand first rate prices
Creation becomes a gift they've sold and it becomes evident in their work
Their day of the week is Friday

Laodicea - Violet

Laodicea was a resort for healing with hot and cold springs. They developed an eye salve to give spiritual vision. The city was destroyed in an earthquake and the citizens refused help from Rome to rebuild and preferred to do it themselves.

Violets in their giftedness tend to be:
The church of saints - Mother Theresa was undoubtedly a violet
In service - answering the phone
waitresses, butlers, stewards
volunteers, nurses
human resources
Most compassionate, tolerant and tender showing mercy
Make sure you have everything you need for what you are doing
Unconditional love to all
Truly bringers of light and divine love givers
Joyful ones and in spirit are confident and faithful
Bring about completion
Manifest things from the spiritual to the physical
Kind, gentle and soft spoken, their touch is that of a caress soothing the soul
Have a spiritual connection with God beyond understanding
They just know everything is going to be okay
When in service nothing gets in their way, like a mother tiger protecting her young
Territorial, will stand up for you as your personal champion, know you are perfect and hold you as that

Violets in their traps tend to be:
A pain, don't see the greatness they are - can whine with the best of them
Can't give them enough support, encouragement or praise
They don't get how wonderful they really are
Doing out of a need to be acknowledged, praised, rewarded rather than from a place of love
Their day of the week is Saturday

Light Teams
Secondary Colors Primary Colors
Orange Red + Yellow
Green Blue + Yellow
Purple Red + Blue
When you look at a rainbow, a double rainbow you will notice the pattern that follows is the seven colors referred to in the churches and in the chakras.
And all the colors repeat again in the second rainbow
Notice on either side of Red is Orange and Violet. These are the two most compatible colors for Red. Red can become better balanced by taking on the attributes of the colors on each side; such as compassion and tolerance from the violet and promotion and advocacy from Orange.
Equally, each color can benefit from accessing the attributes of the colors on either side. Therefore Orange benefits from leadership and intuition from Red and the higher mind and great knowledge from Yellow. Yellow benefits from easy access to the emotions of Orange and the balance of Green. And so on throughout the churches.
A passive primary color is yellow. And Violet is the color with the most light.
When orange thinks it has all of the attributes of red and yellow it begins to think of itself as an entity unto itself it falls into its traps. That means conflict within these groups, it is minor between red and yellow because red is dominant and yellow is passive. The red will flow through the yellow easily. The same is true for blue dominant and yellow passive. Secondary colors will have conflicts with their primary colors which causes a light trap.
When orange denies red and yellow and works on itself without the leadership of red and without the knowledge of yellow it falls into one of its basic traps only it is magnified. Orange becomes Arrogant
When green denies the wisdom of the blue and the knowledge of the yellow it becomes Self-righteous. And when purple denies red's leadership and the wisdom of the blue it moves to its trap of Greed.
To fully understand the light teams consider them first as groups of primary and secondary colors, then where they are in relation to each other and when mixed what colors do they produce.
For example: good mixes of teams would be:
Red Red
Blue Orange
Purple Orange
and Violet and Violet

Orange Yellow
Yellow Green
Green Blue
and Violet and Violet
When these light groups work together they can produce almost anything.


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