Back to the Basics Angel Training Part 1


October 7, 2023 10:00 am 6:00 pm (Pot Luck) Bring a dish.

Salt Lake City Utah

The Safety Consortium 400 W. Lawndale Dr. SLC.,UT 84115

Cost $77.00 (Minimum of 25) Venmo, CashApp or PayPal

Over the last 30 years, the Angels have given us a substantial amount of information and tools for creating Eden on Earth.

This one-day training will take you back to the basics of their teachings. There is an order to how this work was presented. I have organized a flow chart showing the timeline in which we were tuning forks, ancient sacred oils and numerous processes. I have also put together a way to have a conversation with others about the work we do.

The workshop will reawaken the purpose and reason for these teachings at this time.

You will learn the following:

The Last Baptism

Blessings, Gifts and Deeds

Gate of Grace

Seven Churches and their Gifts


Seven Keys, 13 Principles of a Master, Paths

Tree of Life

Scanning Technique

Remote Healing

Children of Light Conference


I have studied with Joe Crane who was first given these teachings and have taken all his classes since 1996. All the angel visits are archived on my website, I've become the 'go to guy' for this information. Whether you have been gathered or are waiting to be Gathered this is a great training for everyone! All are welcome!

Potluck, bring a dish!

Saturday, October 7

10 am to 6 pm MDT

The Safety Consortium

400 W Lawndale Dr., Salt Lake City, Utah

Cost 77.00 (we need at least 25 in attendance at this training)

Call Dave Savedra 408-504-8255 to Register Venmo @DaveSavedra444 Or PayPal Link is Below

Class includes a Detailed Workbook and Materials.

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